Helmuth Morgenrath Memorial Event

After a brief bout with cancer, Helmuth Morgenrath passed away
at home on May 30, 2005. During his last weeks in the hospital
and at home, so many friends sent flowers and healing prayers.
During the vigil of those last days, our dear friends in Big Sur
made nurturing dinners for the family. It was an incredible
outpouring of love and kindness, rare and precious. There was a
sense of being held in an invisible and tangible net of love by the
whole community. On October 9th at Peter and Peggy Harding’s
home at Buck Creek, Highway 1, Big Sur, we will hold a memorial
gathering in honor of Helmuth. The time of the celebration will be
12-4 pm. In keeping with a Big Sur tradition, this will be a potluck,
so please bring a dish to share. Due to consideration of parking
management, when possible, please car pool with friends and

As founder and president of Blaze Engineering, Inc., Helmuth was
a leading force in the Big Sur community for the past twenty
years, using the construction company as a vehicle to do good
works, helping residents in their personal building dreams and
assisting the service organizations in accomplishing their goals.
As a true leader, he not only held the vision for what was possible,
he empowered others to develop their own initiative and
strengths. We have a dedicated senior management team and a
skilled hard working crew, actively serving the community. Our
company is founded on the principles of honest and ethical work.
Blaze Engineering will continue to strive to support the health and
happiness of the Big Sur community.

Marty Morgenrath
BIG SUR, CA 93920.
From Skye

On April 18, 2005, Helmuth Morgenrath became a grandfather for the first time. Six weeks later to the day, May 30, 2005 he
passed away. He was fifty four years old. It was way too soon to lose my Dad. He was invincible. He had escaped death on more
than one occasion. My dad had been run over by a car when he was just seven years old, had a tire explode in his face, and had
avoided a mud slide burial by just a hair. And those were just the major events. Jennifer Stevens had dubbed him, King of Pfeiffer
Ridge. I thought it was more like King of Big Sur. But, he was my father, and I am biased.  I always thought he would live to be a
hundred years old. I had plans for him. He was going to be the perfect grandfather to my children and my sister's children. He had
the best stories to tell. He loved kids, and they loved him. It was such a strange time for me with the birth of my first child coinciding
with the death of my father. As one man walked into my life another one was walking out. It was so unfair, so untimely. Everyone
commented that it was lucky that at least my dad got to meet Klein (my son). But, it didn't feel lucky to me. I felt robbed. Who was
going to teach Klein to run a dozer, I wondered.

Most of you who will read this have known my dad in some capacity or another. A lot of you have known him longer than I have
been alive. Perhaps you grew up with him or met him in his younger years as a kid down at Esalen. Maybe you worked with him
through Torre Engineering or Blaze Engineering. Or, maybe you met him through the Big Sur Fire Brigade or the myriad of events
that he supported and helped make happen over the years. I'm sure all of you have a story of how you met him, most people do.
Most of you know already that he had touched pretty much every inch of Big Sur one way or another. He could tell you where
every dusty road led and who had lived at the end of it over the last forty years. He knew most gate combinations or had the key to
open those gates. He could tell you whose water system or leach field was located where. You might have called him a time or two
to get some advice on how to build this or fix that. I bet he was always more than happy to help. It seemed he knew everything. But,
once again I am biased. He was my dad. You knew his generosity and his sense of devotion to his community. You*d recognize his
signature hello, a quiet nod and a big smile. He enjoyed people and he was devoted to his community. I know that many of you had
a special, individual relationship with my dad that was unique unto itself. But, the fact of the matter is that none of you knew him
like I did. He was my dad..... And let me tell you the kind of dad he was.

He was the kind of father you would want to have. His hands were big and strong and when he held your hand, your entire hand
got lost in his. He made you feel safe. He was loving and affectionate. As a child, there was absolutely nothing else better than
crawling up in his lap to watch an old western on tv. He knew how to snuggle. We, my sisters and I were our dad*s most cherished
and prized accomplishment. I don*t mean this in an arrogant sense. What I mean is that my dad would have done anything on this
earth for the three of us, anything. And, in all reality his life was dedicated to making sure that my sisters and I had the
opportunities that he didn*t. He was so adamant that we understood that anything was possible in life and that dreams were the
foundations for those possibilities. He inspired us to be passionate about life. His proudest moments were when one of us (his
girls) graduated from high school or college. His eyes would sparkle and he would lose his ability to speak. They were moments
that went beyond words and I think it made his years of hard work worth it all. He had the best sense of humor. No matter how bad
life seemed to get, dad could always laugh about it. He would belt out a chuckle and slap his knee. He loved to laugh. He would
remind us often, that nothing in life was so bad that it couldn*t be laughed about.

As we grow up, most of us realize at some point that our parents are just people too, that they make mistakes, and that they don*t
know everything. Well, I grew up and my dad seemed to still know everything. I could call him up from whatever state I was living in
at the time and describe to him over the phone the clunk clunk sound that my car was making. He would inevitably be able to tell
me what was wrong with it and how long I had before I really needed to take it in to get it fixed. He was my hero. No matter how
busy things were at Blaze, whenever I called he would drop everything just to chat. We would talk about all sorts of everyday things
as good friends do. But, there were those occasional times that I would call and he would immediately ask me what was wrong. He
was always there for me. He knew just what to say and he never let me down. In fact, it was the love I knew that always existed at
home that allowed me to go off and do all of the traveling and adventuring that I did over the years. I knew that no matter what,
there was a whole lot of love waiting for me if and when I needed it.

I was truly blessed to have the father that I had, I know. No matter how much I write, it would never be enough to describe the love
and respect that I had for him. I will be talking about Dad for the rest of my life, about the things he taught me, about the stories he
told me, about the wonderful person he was, and most of all about how much I miss him.

Skye (Morgenrath)Garman

The Helmuth Morgenrath Fund for the Big Sur Community

Established to perpetuate Helmuth's generosity to the community
which he loved so dearly.  Donations will be used to form a
permanent endowment to allow annual contributions to Big Sur
charities with special emphasis on community enrichment and
education of Big Sur's youth.

Donations may be sent to :

The Helmuth Morgenrath Fund for the Big Sur Community
c/o Community Foundation for Monterey County
99 Pacific St. #155A
Monterey CA 93940

Big Sur